One life...many gifts


"One Life...Many Gifts is a curriculum resource to educate senior secondary school students about the vital importance of organ and tissue donation and transplantation developed by Trillium Gift of Life Network, London Health Sciences Centre's Multi-Organ Transplant Program and the Kidney Foundation of Canada. It brings to life the drama, generosity and the life-saving promise of donation and transplantation. This curriculum is dedicated to the many Ontarians who have given the gift of life through the donation of organs and tissue and to the many others who will in the future.

This website was developed as a resource for the Ontario teachers participating in the government-funded One Life...Many Gifts pilot project. Teachers representing 240 Public and Catholic secondary schools from 20 school boards across Ontario were trained at day-long in-services between March and May 2008 on how to best use this curriculum and take advantage of all the support and assessment resources provided in One Life...Many Gifts.

Although this site was developed to provide 'pilot program teachers' with the resources needed to bring this curriculum to their classrooms and evaluate the success of the program, we welcome all educators to access these materials.

For more information on the One Life...Many Gifts curriculum program please contact the Director of Communications, Trillium Gift of Life Network at 1-800-263-2833 or

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