One life...many gifts

I'm a Pilot Program Teacher

Once again, "thank you" for participating in this very important pilot project. We understand that as a teacher, your schedule is full and there is a lot of demand on your time with your students. But as we mentioned at the in-service, by bringing this curriculum to your classroom and school, you are helping and giving hope to all the men, women and children who are waiting for a life-saving organ or tissue transplant. We sincerely believe that this curriculum will save lives in Ontario and beyond and you play a crucial role in making this happen.

If you need a refresher on how One Life...Many Gifts is organized and how you can bring this dramatic curriculum to your students, please feel free to visit the section of this website which introduces new teachers to the program.
Or simply click on the many links on the left to access the PDF versions of the resources presented to you at the in-service.

Please remember: it is vitally important that if you are part of the pilot program (i.e.: you participated at an in-service between March – May 2008) that you ensure your students fill in the appropriate surveys and evaluation documents. We need to receive these back in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of this program and to help us expand this program to every secondary school in Ontario.

If you require more information on your participation in the pilot program, please contact the Director of Communications, Trillium Gift of Life Network at 1-800-263-2833 or email:

London Health Sciences Centre Recycle Me dot O R G The Kidney Foundation of Canada Ontario, Trillium Gift of Life Network