One life...many gifts

Surveys & Evaluation Documents

In order to effectively evaluate the One Life...Many Gifts curriculum, we appreciate your cooperation in filling out the attached form and returning it along with the materials listed below once you have concluded instruction of the unit of study.

Attitudinal Pre Surveys for Students
Attitudinal Post Surveys for Students
Students' Journal Reflections
Students' Continue/Stop/Start sheets
Attitudinal Post Surveys for Teachers

Thank you very much for your help in promoting organ and tissue donation and transplantation.

Done Teaching the Units? Here's what you have to do now.
  1. Have the Students compile a portfolio consisting of:
    • The student's completed surveys (pre and post)
    • The Process work and final products for their individual and group "Over to You" activities
    • The Reflection on My Learning (metacognitive activity)
    • A Final Journal reflection where students will comment on:
      • What they learned from their study
      • What steps they will take regarding your own decisions on donation and talking to their families, and
      • Anything else they wish to comment on about organ and tissue donation
      • What they found most engaging about the curriculum,
      • What they would add to this curriculum or what they would change about it
    • A "Continue, Start and Stop" analysis of the curriculum and activities which students will complete to capture their suggestions for improvement of the resource materials.
  2. Assess the progress of the student's work on this unit for grading purposes using the rubrics provided.
  3. After finishing the curriculum, please make sure the questionnaires and surveys linked above are completed.
  4. After all the above is completed, please send them all in a package to with the Next Steps sheet:

One Life...Many Gifts Education Project Manager
Trillium Gift of Life Network
483 Bay Street
South Tower, 4th Floor
Toronto, ONĀ  M5G 2C9

Ontario, Trillium Gift of Life Network
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